May 2, 2014

Nurbits in motion

I've been meaning to post some screenshots of Nurbits for awhile now. The thing is, the game looks much better in motion than comes across in screenshots. I had the idea to post some animated gifs, and then recently I heard of this new thing that's even better called gfy, so here are some of those:

We recently showed off a shiny new render of the robot band in the basement, and in the game you can click on a robot to zoom into their robot brain.

Inside the brain you can select little pieces of brain that represent a neural network. These neural networks are the puzzles in the game, and also musical loops. Together they form the part of a song that the robot plays.

This is what the puzzles in Nurbits look like. The players connect chips together. These chips connect and send signals just like neurons do, using basic principles of neuroscience as the game's core mechanics. When the chips have enough signal to fire they play a music note. When the player correctly hooks up all of the goal notes in the puzzle the loop is complete and the chips all morph into neurons, giving the player strong visual feedback and connecting the game back to it's underlying neuroscience concepts.