April 4, 2014

Howdy blog readers!
It's me, Jef again. (yeah, sorry that's who you get. If you want better bloggers, you're gonna have to upgrade to premium)
Well it's been a little while since I last posted anything, and quite a few things have changed since I last checked in with you. First of all, I got a haircut.
So that's pretty cool.

Also, the band has come together! Now is the great time for them as they haven't quite made it big yet, so the music and teaching neuroscience is still what they're in it for. Egos haven't grown out of control yet and drug problems haven't become a big issue (though they certainly will later when we add drug affects to our robots brains in order to teach about what type of affects they have).
In fact, the band is still playing in a basement!

You'll notice the old guitarist is now playing drums since the new girl has some pretty amazing guitar skills. (I don't know what kind of feminine wiles she used, but Buckethead back there didn't have any problem with it.)  I also replaced the lamp on the synth piano robot with an Etch-A-Sketch because... well... let's be honest, it's awesome. I even added some fans in the background in the form of a washer and dryer. They do tend to shake around a bit when they get excited, but they don't really cheer all that much. And it's a real pain to actually get them to go out to a show.

Till next time...