October 5, 2016

We'll be at SIEGEcon in Atlanta this weekend on the expo floor with The Indie Cluster. Come say hi and play the latest build of Nurbits!

December 2, 2015

Character design concept art

If you haven't been following Nurbits on social media, you've missed out on all the great character design concept art by artist Dominique Edwards we've been posting! Don't worry though, here it is:

Dominique also designed these cool posters that appear in the small club environment:

There is more great Nurbits art to come, be sure to follow along on twitter, instagram, tumblr and facebook!

September 14, 2015

We recently had the good fortune of bringing two new artists onto the team: Dominique Edwards and Scott Malo. We'll be posting some of Dominique's artwork very soon but today I'd like to show you something that Scott has been working on. He's been making some gorgeous environments for our robot band to play in, the first of which is this rock club:

 We are making an effort to show off more stuff, and these first appeared on our twitter and facebook, and our new tumblr and instagram accounts. So make sure to follow to see the latest art from Nurbits!

December 8, 2014

Apps For Class Challenge

Nurbits was selected as a winner of the Apps For Class Challenge! The contest was judged by teachers, and that means a lot to us. Winning also means we will be able to test the game in more classrooms, and we are very excited by that opportunity.

In addition we partnered with Four Athens for this contest, a local non-profit that encourages entrepreneurship. They have helped our little start-up in countless ways, and we are happy to be able to give back to the organization and the community.

August 26, 2014

Meaningful Play / first trailer

We are happy to announce that Meaningful Play has accepted Nurbits as a part of it's game exhibition and competition. Meaningful Play is a conference on designing and studying games that matter. It takes place October 16-18 2014 at Michigan State University. If you will be attending, please stop by and play Nurbits!

To celebrate we just posted our first trailer:


May 2, 2014

Nurbits in motion

I've been meaning to post some screenshots of Nurbits for awhile now. The thing is, the game looks much better in motion than comes across in screenshots. I had the idea to post some animated gifs, and then recently I heard of this new thing that's even better called gfy, so here are some of those:

We recently showed off a shiny new render of the robot band in the basement, and in the game you can click on a robot to zoom into their robot brain.

Inside the brain you can select little pieces of brain that represent a neural network. These neural networks are the puzzles in the game, and also musical loops. Together they form the part of a song that the robot plays.

This is what the puzzles in Nurbits look like. The players connect chips together. These chips connect and send signals just like neurons do, using basic principles of neuroscience as the game's core mechanics. When the chips have enough signal to fire they play a music note. When the player correctly hooks up all of the goal notes in the puzzle the loop is complete and the chips all morph into neurons, giving the player strong visual feedback and connecting the game back to it's underlying neuroscience concepts.